Evolve within the Simulation

About the E-book

Life within a Simulation and Beyond is your Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Greatest Discovery, Creating your Desired LifeStyle, and Achieving your Life’s Goals Faster Than you Think…





About the Author

Born in The Netherlands, in 1989, his life has built up for creating this e-book, a selected person whose job it is to perform the intervention and write about the simulation to keep the right perspective alive. So people can live conform the standards to increase evolution of one’s personage and also increase the energy ratings of everybody on this whole planet. Help each other and make living worth. Author is graduated in Computer Science on Saxion University of Applied Sciences. In order to create this E-book the author has gone through rough times and still made it through. Most of it will be told in the E-book but due his current health condition it was not easy to write this E-book regarding the Simulation we live in. The Simulation is started from the beginning of time, and then you guess what time is? Time is a factor that merely applies to creating the timeline of the universe. It can be stretched due gravity it’s a variable form of passive energy. More in this E-book.

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